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With over 11 years of industry experience, Andrea Ellingson is one of Canada’s premiere make-up artists. Andrea has substantial experience in a wide range of make-up artistry, including extensive work in broadcast Television for clients such as CTV, Global and TSN among many others. Her on set experience also extends into the film industry including many film productions as well as hair and make-up work on several award winning music videos airing regularly on Much Music and MTV. Outside of the moving picture realm, Andrea has also established herself as an extraordinary talent in the fashion world. Her work on a wide array of editorial and commercial shoots exemplifies her talent, passion, creativity, and ability to deliver everything ranging from minimal and natural looks to extreme glamour and everything in-between.

In addition to her expansive work in film, television, and fashion, Andrea Ellingson also has vast experience in brand representation for many major clients including 6 years as an Estee Lauder National Make-Up Artist, as well as countless hours of one on one consultation experience, and an extensive wedding portfolio. Andrea also has over 3 years of teaching experience at the prestigious Marvel Academy where she taught and actually wrote the curriculum for the Make-up program.

Andrea’s talent as a make-up artist and hair stylist is undeniable and can be seen in her emergent body of work. The positive creative energy, fresh outlook and true zest and passion for what she does is what sets Andrea Ellingson apart and what makes clients with as massive a range as hers continue to hire her.